One of these days I felt like restoring am original SID-track, pure and simple. I wanted to see if I could create an authentic SID-sound without destroying the original. The choice fell on a SID by Matthias Hartung (aka. The Syndrom) with the dull name “the_abyss_game_2″. I just wanted a challenge, so I just picked out this one at random. I have no fond memories of it or anything like that, I just wanted to go on a little technical adventure for a few hours.

What is a SID, you ask?

The majority of games produced for the Commodore 64 made use of the SID chip, with sounds ranging from simply clicks and beeps to complex musical extravaganzas or even entire digital audio tracks.

Well known composers of game music for this chip are Martin Galway, known for many titles, including Wizball, and Rob Hubbard, known for titles such as ACE 2, Commando, Delta, International Karate, IK+, and Monty on the Run. Other noteworthies include Jeroen Tel (Cybernoid and Myth), David Dunn (Finders Keepers and Flight Path 737) and Chris Hülsbeck, whose composition career started with the SID but has spanned nearly every kind of computer music and other synthesizers since.

You can download the original SID from the HVSC right here.