When is the next track coming out?
I dont know. It just happens. I’ll try to update you guys on progress as often as I can.

When will the new album be finished?
I really have no idea. It will probably be a while. A good long while.

What kind of hardware do you use to produce music?
Almost nothing actually. I got a high-end PC with Windows 8 installed on it, a really good RØDE microphone and a soundcard from Roland to plug it all into.

What kind of software do you use to produce music?
Too many to name. But I have grown really fond of FLStudio as my main sequencer and VST host. I use a million different instruments, mostly from Native Instruments, Roland and ReFX.

How do you record vocals?
I create a multi-layered project in Adobe Audition, and just hit record. I use a RØDE NT-1A microphone with a pop filter. Then I clean it up and import it into my sequencer.

Can I remix one of your songs?
Yes ofcourse you can. I love stuff like that. I’ll even promote it for you. Just get in touch.

I would like to request a collaboration. Interested?
Sure, get in touch. I am not promising anything – but who knows.

Why is there Playstation trophies up in the corner?
I play a lot of games. Just a fun thing to have up there. Showing off I guess.

Can I add you as a friend on Facebook, Steam, Playstation or whatever?
The answer used to be Yes, but I had to stop that eventually. Too much random and unknown people. But I will answer every email or request I get though.

When will the rest of your music end up on Spotify?
Probably never. Copyright issues. Rules. Laws. Lies. Bullshit. All future songs will be though.

Why do we have to go through Bandcamp to download music?
Basically, I got tired of greedy server providers and bills for bandwidth.  Now I got everything up on Bandcamp in every audio file-format known to man, and it seems to be working well.

Why do we have to pay for the music?
You don’t. It is all up on YouTube and Spotify. But if you want to support what we are doing financially, this site gives you that opportunity. We provide high quality files in return.

So, you basically got greedy?
There is absolutely no money in this, profit that is, and there probably never will be. But every now and then somebody throws a dollar or two our way, and that just feels good. It is indeed fun to be rewarded for something you made. But I guess that is a certain kind of greed.

Still motivated?
Do… or do not. There is no try.” -Captain Kirk (ಠ_ಠ)