Welcome back, ladies and gangsters. Long time no nothing at all. It has actually been 10 long months since my last track (The Lost Patrol) and any other major update to this site or SkyMarshall Arts in general to be perfectly honest. That just has to change right now.

A few days ago I got a mail from my Paypal-account telling me someone bought something for 20$ in my shop, and suddenly felt guilty for not producing anything for nearly a year. I then started poking around YouTube and Facebook and Google in general and realised that I still have thousands of subscribers – and that’s just blood fantastic. And motivating.

So, I basically decided to redo the website into something a little more dynamic which can be frequently updated if needed. I tried to make the site the ultimate resource for SkyMarshall Arts and will continue to expand it when I come up with something useful or receive some feedback from you guys. I also added the ability to comment on stuff with your Facebook-account thingy. I dont know if that was really needed, but its there for you to abuse.

lindaeirikThis would be me and my girlfriend Linda (well, technically we’re engaged), she’ll also be running this site.

So I guess that is it. Not much more to say. Do you have any suggestions, requests or thoughts? What can we do to continue to be awesome? I have heard from time to time that I need to communicate with my fans, so here I am trying to do just that – and probably failing.

So as they say, I will try to pull my shit together and churn out something retro that both you guys and I will enjoy listening to. They new album ‘Memories in Sequence’ is in desperate need of more tracks – and it shall have them.

Thanks for listening to SkyMarshall Arts. You’re all fucking awesome.