This one is a little silly I’ve got to admit, but we still made it and uploaded it to the world. So there is pretty pointless to hide from it now. So let me explain what this is all about.

The thing is that we miss World of Warcraft. I dont even dare count the hours I have spent roaming around Azeroth. So naturally, when Blizzard eventually teased that they were making another MMO to replace WoW, we got hyped. So hyped in fact, that we produced a big norwegian fansite for the upcoming game and gathered a good community around it.

But Blizzard is a tight company without much leaks when it comes to information about the game, so we had basically no real news to publish to our followers. And that is where this song comes in. We basically tried to create something for the fansites around the internets to publish to their followers. And publish it they did actually. So mission accomplished.

Long story short, Blizzard stopped developing the game. It was called “Project Titan”. So we killed off the fansite and moved on. This song is all that remains. It is not available for download anywhere though, so the video above is all there is. If you really need the MP3 for some reason, I can always send it to you. Just ask.

They dude in the video with me btw, is Øystein Jensen. You can find his stuff here.